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If you’re looking for an Architect in Brentwood, Ingatestone, Doddinghurst, Mountnessing or any of the surrounding areas then you probably want an Architect with extensive knowledge of the Brentwood area. Look no further!

Being based in nearby Billericay, means that we have a wealth of experience working with Brentwood Council and that we’re well versed in Brentwood’s Local Plan, introduced in March 2022. We’ve also got robust knowledge of the many Conservation Areas found in the villages that surround Brentwood town itself . . . not to mention the Metropolitan Green Belt that covers a vast amount of the borough.

Unlocking the potential of sites in the Green Belt can be tricky. But as architects, we possess limitless ideas and a wealth of understanding about how to unlock your site, so feel free to give us a call to arrange a consultation.

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