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Let’s be honest, Essex loves a bit of mock-Tudor! In fact, you’d struggle to find a street or housing development in Essex that doesn’t pay homage to the much-loved traditional architectural style.

Equally, you’d also struggle to find an Essex Architect who hasn’t worked with a client whose dream home is a pristine white rendered house, complete with a grey roof and grey windows. In fact, for most of us Essex folk that’s the epitome of contemporary architecture.

But what you would struggle to find, are Essex Architects who are able to take the simple white rendered box with grey windows and slate roof and turn it into something as stunning as our new build project “From new house to family home”. And that’s what sets us apart from other Essex Architects.

One thing to remember though, regardless of your tastes, as Essex Architects we love working with clients who are passionate about design. And for us, the most important thing is delivering sensational, one-off, modern new homes for great clients.

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